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 Silk Thread

Hangzhou Guangcai Silk Thread Scientific Technologh Co.,Ltd. is specialized in producing embroidery thread and relative products and dying all kinds of silk thread.The company holds the principle of seeking the most profits of relative customers.It has been researching,developing and producing varities of thread applied in embroidery,garments and weaving,producing all kinds of high-quality dying and embroidery products.The company has a professional technology teams with over 20 medium and top class technicians,ensuring to produce more than 1500 tons polyester fibire silk embroidery thread,over800 tons dyed yarn,1.5 million square metres embroidery products.The two brands of 鈥淕uangcai and Laohuangniu鈥 patented by the company have got a high reputation and trust in the field.The company holds the idea that 鈥渢he science acts as the auidence,creation the base of development and quality,trying to become the model in the field鈥.The company wishes to develop with the new and former customers sincerely.


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