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Our high-quality management team will ensure that the auto parts bearings you purchase are export inspection is completed before shipment to ensure your quality requirements.


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Any amount of orders will be placed in our quality control department for parts and product inspection during and after production. There are no exemption exceptions.


Price advantage


We also grasp the dynamics and market conditions of the target market. These first-hand information provide an effective reference for our final product quotation.

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Mr Jiang. company leader Senior engineer, MBA, specializes in the automotive parts market for 20 years. Committed to the development of the Middle East and European markets.

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About us


Company's history

Founded in 2006, DZ industrial. (hereinafter referred to as company) is a

China auto parts bearings manufacturers and auto bearings factory

, we are specializing in the export of auto parts. It is located in Zhejiang Economic Center and Transportation Hub in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Its main customers are located in the US, East Asia and the Middle East. Its products include hub units, fastening wheels, power steering systems, constant speed drive shafts, cross shaft assemblies, rollers and steel. Car accessories such as balls. Since its inception, the company has actively trained and sought high standards suppliers and their peers to work with overseas buyers.

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Whether the bearing is installed correctly affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, th...

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What should be paid attention to when the wheel bearing is removed for cleaning?

1. Avoid directly hitting the bearing ring 2. The disassembly force should not be transmitted throug...

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1. Creep Damage state: The so-called creep means that when a gap occurs on the mating surface of the...

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What are the FAG bearing damage status and solutions? (2)

1. Indentation Damage state: When small metal powder, foreign objects, etc. are bitten, dents on the...

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What are the FAG bearing damage status and solutions? (1)

1. Stripping Damage state: When the FAG bearing is subjected to load rotation again, the raceway sur...

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What is the working principle of auto engine tensioner?

working principle: The intelligent belt tensioner is mainly transmitted to the control box according...

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