About us


DZ industrial. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") was established in 2006, is a trading company dedicated to the export of automotive parts. The company is located in Zhejiang economic center and transportation hub, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The company's main customers are located in the Americas, East Asia and the Middle East. Products include hub units, tightening wheels, power steering systems, constant speed drive axles, cross axle assembly, rollers and steel balls and other automotive accessories. Since its establishment, the company has been actively training and looking for high-standard suppliers and their counterparts to cooperate with overseas purchasers.

Our main focuses are the lubricants, petrochemical and other chemical products importing from abroad based on our customer inside China and also exporting the final products to foreign country’s customer.


Our Team

Mr Jiang

Company Leader. Senior engineer,MBA , Focus on the auto parts market for 20 years. Committed to the development of the Middle East and European markets.

Tony Shi

Market Development A team leader. Senior engineer,Focus on the Korean and American markets. Partner of GMB (shanghai).

Gordon Gao

Market Development B team leader Mid-level engineer,Focus on South Asian market development and OEM Markets in Iran. An agent of SAIPA,LOLA

Denis Hua

Export management Leader. Mid-level engineer Partner of MWH Purchase DELIXI Export agent

Sophia Sheng

Inspection department leader Senior engineer,15 years bearing inspection experience. Focus on bearings’ inspection.

James Xia

Produce manager. Senior engineer,25 years bearings produce experience.

Why Choose Us

Trade Safe


Our highly quality management team will ensure that the products you purchase are export inspection is completed before shipment to ensure your quality requirements.


Our production team will complete the production and delivery of your order within the planned time, and the risk of delay will be borne by our company.


Whether you are engaged in high-risk regional trade or regular export trade, we support all reasonable trading methods, wire transfers, letters of credit or guarantee payments. our primary purchaser, we will provide you with a prepaid payment service.

Professional service


After the confirmation of your order, you can check the progress and status of your order on our corporate website, to ensure that every step of production is within your plan, we provide a non-differential inspection process, You can check your product at any time.


Any amount of orders will be placed in our quality control department for parts and product inspection during and after production. There are no exemption exceptions.


Our delivery team will provide you with a series of delivery and transportation services. Whether it is your designated logistics organization or our contracted logistics service provider, we will ensure the products are timely and safe with the established delivery date as the guideline. Arrive at the scheduled destination.

Price advantage

No expensive products, only inappropriate prices:

Our market department, after years of market research and development, has accumulated a certain amount of customer resources in the target market, and also grasps the dynamics and market conditions of the target market. These first-hand information provide an effective reference for our final product quotation.