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  • Bearing quality testing

    Bearing quality testing

    National standard 1. Vibration acceleration national standard (commonly known as the Z-standard) The earlier standards, to measure the vibration acceleration at the time of bearing rotation, to determine the quality level of the bearing, into Z1, Z2, Z3 three quality from low to high level. Domestic... read more

    Nov 09,2019 News
  • Bearing classification

    Bearing classification

    Sliding bearing Sliding bearings are not divided into inner and outer rings and have no rolling elements, and are generally made of wear-resistant materials. Commonly used for low speed, light load and lubrication, and mechanical rotation of difficult maintenance. Joint bearing The sliding contact s... read more

    Nov 01,2019 News
  • Bearing industry status

    Bearing industry status

    "Chinese bearing manufacturing industry sales forecast demand and to upgrade analysis report" data, 2009 - 2013 Chinese bearing manufacturing industry showed industrial output trend year by year. 2013 industry realized total industrial output value 249.363 billion yuan, an increase of 12.92%. For th... read more

    Oct 26,2019 News
  • Bearing parameters

    Bearing parameters

    The number of revolutions or hours experienced by a bearing before pitting occurs under a certain load is called bearing life. The life of a rolling bearing is defined by the number of revolutions (or the number of hours of operation at a certain speed): Bearings within this life are subject to init... read more

    Oct 19,2019 News
  • Bearing Industry Overview

    Bearing Industry Overview

    According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2011 China bearing manufacturing industry size (annual sales income of 2,000 yuan or more) companies a total of 1416 companies, the annual industrial output value of 193.211 billion yuan, an increase of 27.59%; sales revenue of 191.097 billion yuan,... read more

    Oct 12,2019 News